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Arbrella Luvert and Charmaine Coleman reading from Having Our Say: The Delany Sisters First 100 Years (June, 2017)

MVT is a community outreach project of The Very Little Theatre (VLT). MVT is designed to offer an opportunity for members of minority or marginalized communities to participate in staged readings of plays as actors, writers, directors, designers, and/or audience members.

MVT’s first year (2017) was a very exciting and illuminating time. We produced staged readings of three plays (Having Our Say, Vita & Virginia, and Now I Am Your Neighbor). We helped sponsor two community events (DisOrient Film Festival, Eugene Children’s Film Festival), and we offered a scholarship to a summer film/animation camp to a young person of color through the Academic Achievement Center Foundation.

At the end of 2017, VLT and MVT decided to join forces, giving VLT an active community outreach strategy, and giving MVT a home, a 501(c)3 for fund raising, and the support of one of the oldest continuously running community theatres in the country (VLT has been producing plays in Eugene, OR every year since March, 1929).

In April 2018, MVT/VLT partnered with Trans*Ponder to present a staged reading of Transfigurations – a 1998 play that explores the lives of Oregonians who identify as transgender. And, in the same event, we introduced the first annual Trans Monologues, bringing up-to-date the stories and experiences of our local Transgender/Gender non-conforming community.

Approximately 1250 people have come to see our productions. By sharing donations at the door with our community partners, we raised approximately $3500 for local non-profits (NAACP of Lane County, LCC MultiCultural Center, Soromundi: Lesbian Chorus of Eugene, Community Alliance of Lane County, Centro Latino Americano, the Islamic Community Center of Lane County, and Trans*Ponder).

Sharon Rosalyn Sless and Donella-Elizabeth Alston in Vita & Virginia (May, 2017)

Going forward, we are exploring the possibility of creating an ongoing series of workshops that walk people through the process of writing and performing slices of their own lives – leading to an evening of local stories reflecting the diversity of our community. We are also in talks with local organizations who serve and advocate for people in marginalized communities, including youth and people with disabilities, to create events that provide the opportunities to perform at the Very Little Theatre, presenting their stories to the community.

To learn more about the history of MVT, please check out the About MVT page. Our upcoming productions can be found in the panel to the right. Other relevant performances and community events can be found on the Related Events page. To learn more about The Very Little Theatre, visit TheVLT.com.

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Cast of Now I Am Your Neighbor (October, 2017)

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9 y 10 de noviembre

Minority Voices Theatre presenta

“La Gringa”

 Por Carmen Rivera

Dirigida por Victoria Quintanilla

una lectura dramática en español

sábado, 9 de noviembre a las 7p.m. y domingo, 10 de noviembre a las 2p.m.

Precio de entrada $5

Ordene en línea en www.theVLT.com a partir del 28 de octubre,

o en la puerta en cada presentación

La Gringa es la búsqueda de identidad de una joven de origen puertorriqueño nacida en los Estados Unidos. María Elena decide visitar a su familia borinqueña durante las navidades y llega a Puerto Rico con gran ilusión de conectarse con ellos y con la madre patria. Aunque es su primer viaje a Puerto Rico, ella siempre ha tenido un gran amor por la isla y hasta ha estudiado la historia del país en la Universidad. Sin embargo a su llegada se da cuenta de que la isla no le da la bienvenida. La mayoría de los puertorriqueños la consideran americana – una gringa – y María Elena se siente traicionada por los suyos.

María Elena llega a la conclusión de que si es puertorriqueña en los Estados Unidos y americana en Puerto Rico, en realidad no es nadie a donde quiera que vaya. Su tío Manolo, le enseña que la identidad no está basada en lo superficial o lo externo sino que es una esencia que ella ha llevado en su corazón toda su vida.

Producida por acuerdo especial con Samuel French, Inc

La Gringa

by Carmen Rivera

directed by Victoria Quintanilla 

On Saturday, November 9 at 7:00pm and Sunday, November 10 at 2pm, MVT will present our first staged reading of a Spanish language play.

La Gringa is about a young woman’s search for her identity. María Elena Garcia goes to visit her family in Puerto Rico during the Christmas holidays and arrives with plans to connect with her homeland. Although this is her first trip to Puerto Rico, she has had an intense love for the island and even majored in Puerto Rican Studies in college. Once María is in Puerto Rico, she realizes that Puerto Rico does not welcome her with open arms. The majority of the Puerto Ricans on the island consider her an American – a gringa — and María considers this a betrayal. 

If she’s a Puerto Rican in the United States and an American in Puerto Rico – María concludes that she is nobody everywhere. Her uncle, Manolo, spiritually teaches her that identity isn’t based on superficial and external definitions, but rather is an essence that she has had all along in her heart.

Tickets are $5.

Tickets available only online at theVLT.com beginning October 28, or at the door on the evening of the performance.

Produced by special arrangement with Samuel French, Inc.


Check back for more events as they get added to our season.

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